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Facebook is Testing their Own Dating App Internally


After two months of announcing the product at their F8 developer conference, Now Facebook is testing its dating app internally with employees. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong found posted it on Twitter with Screenshots and Facebook confirmed that the product is in testing within the Facebook app.

“This product is for US Facebook employees who have opted-in to dogfooding Facebook’s new dating product,” a screenshot reads, using slang for employees testing out their own software. “The purpose for this dogfooding is to test the end-to-end product experience for bugs and confusing UI. This is not meant for dating your coworkers.”

Facebook asked employees to use fake data for their dating profiles and plans to delete all data before the public launch. “Dogfooding this product is completely voluntary and has no impact on your employment,” a screenshot reads, adding that the product is confidential.

One of the screenshots shows the flow of sign-up on Facebook dating App, including options to specify your gender, location, and which genders you’re interested in matching with.

But still, now there is no News or Rumors regarding the name of the app or when it Available to Public.


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